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A surrealistic




Resistance Omega


the final chapter - groundzero

GROUND ZERO exposes the end of our species. When humanity failed, human extinction arrived. So the point of no return has been reached. This chapter of RESISTANCE OMEGA contains a three-piece constellation of the human´s fall. In the works before of RESISTANCE OMEGA humanity has already been given the choice to change its misbehavior. In GROUND ZERO it´s still one past twelve, no chance to stop the wheel of doom. Day of impact 14/10/2017, more to come. stay tuned for more information.

Welcome to my portfolio, where I showcase my artwork and exhibitions. My creative output is primarily focused on Surrealistic painting and sculpture design, with acrylic being the medium I prefer. I believe that art is a powerful tool to convey emotions, ideas, and messages to a wider audience. Therefore, my goal is to create works of art that are thought-provoking and impactful.In my artistic practice, I am drawn to exploring themes of human nature, existence, and the environment. I strive to create artwork that engages viewers on multiple levels - aesthetically, conceptually, and intellectually. My artwork is not only visually compelling but also serves as a vehicle for social and environmental commentary. As a result, I have developed a distinct style that ranges from modern architectural abstraction to detailed representation and mystical symbolism.My interest in Surrealism can be traced back to my childhood, and I have since honed my craft to develop my unique "Endtime-Surrealism" style. This style explores the idea of human apocalypse, the consequences of human actions on our environment and resources, and the importance of changing the way we think about our impact on the world.Through my series, "EVOLUTION ALPHA-OMEGA" and "RESISTANCE OMEGA," I seek to convey the impact of human misbehavior driven by the pursuit of material welfare. My works are highly detailed and creative, often leading viewers on a mesmerizing journey that invites introspection and reflection.I invite you to engage with my artwork and exhibitions, and I welcome any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact me for further discussion. Thank you for taking the time to view the world through "MY EYES."

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  • copyright Georg Pummer
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