Born in Austria in 1983, Georg Pummer grew up with a younger sister in a small village close to Vienna. He discovered his love for art and aptitude for painting at a very young age. 2007 he finished the master exam as autobody paint specialist and custom painter. as a designer and artist he likes to explore surrealist imagery and symbolism in his paintings and creations. His medium of choice is acrylic. Viewers are often captivated by the attention to detail and disconcerting atmosphere of his work.

Here you can find an overview of my work. They are divided in the series Evolution Alpha-Omega, Nothing is Forever and Resistance Omega. Below you can find a description.


Nothing is Forever

NOTHING IS FOREVER - Nothing lasts forever. The central theme of this series is he transitory nature of beauty and youth, as well as emotions. The paintings of this series address the transience of life, but also traumatic experiences and personal setbacks that are often followed by a phase of reorientation and a reassessment of current priorities. Pain, sorrows and passion will eventually fade away, jut like beauty and youth.


Evolution Alpha - Omega

Evollution Alpha - OmegaThis series addresses the human impact on Mother Nature and explores the idea of a human apocalypse. Alpha represents nature, whereas Omega symbolizes ‘the end’, respectively destruction (through humans). The viewer is confronted with a dystopian vision of the possibly near future and transported into a world that is the result of war, pollution and a wasteful use of natural resources. The series explores possible consequences of human-caused destruction, driven by greed and an excessive desire to accumulate material goods and wealth. Through my paintings, I strive to provoke a change of thinking and to invite the viewer to reconsider how our actions affect our environment and the world we live in.


Resistance Omega

RESISTANCE OMEGA- Resistance is a call to overcome our weaknesses and to resist materialism, avarice and the constant desire for more. Resistance also makes a stand against consumerism within an exponentially growing monetary system, where our identities are only defined by our possessions and where humans destroy their own existence through the exploitation of nature. Omega is a symbol for ‘the end’, but from every ending comes a new beginning. It is supposed to represent the end of greed and thirst for power to enable a new start.Resistance Omega builds upon Georg Pummer’s previous work Evolution Alpha – Omega. The surrealistic, and often provocative, artworks in this series address the conflict between humans and nature and explore possible consequences of pollution and exploitation of natural resources.