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A surrealistic




Resistance Omega


the final chapter - groundzero

GROUND ZERO exposes the end of our species. When humanity failed, human extinction arrived. So the point of no return has been reached. This chapter of RESISTANCE OMEGA contains a three-piece constellation of the human´s fall. In the works before of RESISTANCE OMEGA humanity has already been given the choice to change its misbehavior. In GROUND ZERO it´s still one past twelve, no chance to stop the wheel of doom. Day of impact 14/10/2017, more to come. stay tuned for more information.

On the following pages I would like to give you an insight into my work of art. My aim is to convey an impression of my work. Also you can learn more about my exhibitions. Mainly I focus on Surrealistic painting and sculpture design. I transfer my ideas mostly on paper or canvas. Acrylic is the technique I apply for my work most of the time. The biggest challenge I have to deal with is to combine as much techniques as possible. My own style reaches from modern architectural abstraction to a detailed exposition of representationally and mystical symbolism. As a child already I discovered a preference for surrealism. I would like to define it as "Endtime-Surrealism" because I often confront myself with the human apocalypse. I am trying to give my viewers an insight into a world that is influenced by the wrong interaction between people and also wrong interaction related to nature and resources. Especially my series „EVOLUTION ALPHA-OMEGA“ and „RESISTANCE OMEGA“ shows the consequences of an intentional human misbehavior caused by a huge pursuit of material welfare. My aim is a change of thinking. That people think of what they do to our nature and of course related to that also to the world. Often viewers get lost in detail of my artistry and creativity. If you have any questions regarding my work feel free to contact me any time. I would be happy to talk to you in person . Now I wish lots of pleasure seeing art trough "MY EYES"

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  • copyright Georg Pummer
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